Steve Saleen kept a noticeably high profile that weekend, signing autographs and answering questions.

At left, Steve autographs a poster for a fan. As you can see, it's a tough job. But someone has to do it....

Some 250 early- and late-model Mustangs we on display at this year's 5th Annual Saleen Performance Car Show, held at Saleen's spacious new facility in Irvine, California. The one-day outdoor event, held Saturday September 15, just four days after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. It was co-hosted by the Orange County Mustang Club (OCMC). The event provided a sorely-needed release for many southern Californians still in shock from those dastardly acts of only four days before.

At precisely 10:30am Saleen gave showgoers his answer to what the future holds for Saleen enthusiasts, with the southern California debut of the 2001 Saleen S281E, a supercharged candy-orange Speedster which dazzled everyone (see photo at the top of this page).

above: one of Steve Saleen's LeMans racers, raced at LeMans in 2001.

Business was also brisk in the Saleen Parts Dept., where showgoers could pick up some earth-shaking bargains on a veritable boatload of Saleen parts. Those with deep pockets could also opt to depart the event with any one of three rarely-raced and seldom-seen Saleen/Allen RRR Speedlab 1993 Mustang LX race cars, each for sale for the irresistible price of $7,500 each.

On display at the Saleen 2001 Car Show was this stars-&-stripes- festooned green SVT Mustang Cobra convertible, owned by (the late) OCMC member Robert Penninger. Robert lost his life aboard American Airlines flight 77 on Tuesday, 11 September, when al Qaeda terrorists commandeered the airliner and crashed it into the Pentagon.

Robert's family deemed the Saleen event a fitting occasion to display Robert's pride and joy.

above: Here's a '65 Shelby GT350 look-alike in a lineup of 1960s Mustang metal.

at right: How'd you like to have this Saleen S7 banner hanging in your garage.

at left: It's been around since before Pearl Harbor, but the 1940 Ford Coupe still ranks as one of Fomoco's most popular and timeless designs. It came equipped with Ford's 21-stud flathead V8.

Another popular show event was the Saleen Pit Stop Contest, featuring Michael Judy's SCCA Saleen Mustang. Contestants raced the clock for cash and merchandise prizes... prizes which included a DVD home entertainment center.

An equally big hit with youngsters was the Saleen Virtual Reality road-race game.

at left: Saleen's receptionist Bonnie greets visitors with a big smile.

above: Now here's a hard-core Mustang fan!

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